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Ahimsa Health & Harmony


Ahimsa Health & Harmony is a wellness center providing guidance on dietary and lifestyle practices essential for personal and planetary health. It is a unique center in that it is 100% vegan, following the principles of nonviolence to all living beings (“ahimsa”) as well as harmony within oneself, among others, and with nature. 

When we come together in unity with compassion for ourselves and all beings, we can heal the planet.

Ahimsa Health & Harmony teaches about the connection between diet and overall wellbeing, with an understanding that everyone has the ability to create their own health when given the proper tools. Our mission is to educate and empower individuals to create their own lasting health through diet and lifestyle practices, to gain inner strength and confidence while navigating life’s daily stresses, and to live in peace and harmony with the world.





Vegan wellness coaching

Classes & Workshops

Healthy cooking lessons

Wellness retreats

Vegan culinary tours

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